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Ghost Shell

Ghost Shell

Ghost Shell. 2021.  Hand drawn Screen Print on Canvas. Indigo Ink. Wax. Gold Paint.

From the Archetype Exhibition

Moores Building Fremantle


128cm W x 188cm H Including Frame


From Archetype


School of Arts and Humanities
Edith Cowan University

"Kelsey Ashe’s remarkable exhibition at the Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery is a must see. The scale and ambition of her work is impressive and her ability to create powerful images that occupy the room has an immediate impact. The use of a replicated hand cut woodblock perfectly situates these works in a time of colonisation and documents the Walyalup/Fremantle landscape with crisp and affecting incisions that fix the images in the brain. She consciously frames these works as an attempt to “subvert, intervene or disrupt the colonial archive. The archive itself becomes a potential site for artistic forms of de-colonial intervention and disruption; a place where an un-settling of the European Status Quo’s frames of reference can be hosted.” This is an outstanding exhibition that must be experienced."  #RECOMMEND_TED @ecu#kelseyashe @worldofashe

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