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The Debutante; Interjecting feminist-surrealists' art into the contemporary every day.


Kelsey Ashe was invited to contribute to The Debutante and presented 'Pearls Dream', 9:59, Short Film.

"When nature has stopped being treated as the enemy of man...when the significance of woman’s contribution to the preservation and development of human society has been recognized... then at last, poetry and art will come into their own again..."  MERET OPPENHEIM


The Debutante Values:



We seek to redress discrimination and sexism in the arts by promoting the lives, work and histories of women surrealists. We are inclusive of all gender and sex identities, but recognise the limitations of language that can occur when describing this project. We are open to all, and thoroughly encourage engagement and participation from anyone who is motivated by interjecting women surrealists' art into the contemporary everyday, or, simply to learn more.

The Debutante Launch

Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

‘Beyond Realism | Dada and Surrealism’ Gallery

Edinburgh UK

January 2020

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