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The Jetty

The Jetty is a short film; an audio-visual poem by Kelsey Ashe.  
It was first shown at 'Imaginary Territories' at PS ArtSpace in Fremantle in 2020 

Written and Directed: Videography: Kelsey Ashe, Svetlana Gertral.  Soundscape: Kelsey Ashe

The Jetty


I am compelled to speak of metamorphoses….

From Oceans Vault

To the perishing streets

From the sensual ear, to the spirit ditties of no tone.


The spiritualisation of the senses!

A purification!


Dragged along by a strange new force

Desire and Reason are pulling me in different directions

I see the right way and approve it…..

But follow the wrong.


So! Oh!  Scratch this surface…

just lightly!

And speak of this wind of Initiation!


Initiate me with a crumbling of all that stands


I’m evergreen,

Burning for days.


So time flies on and follows, flies and follows,

What was before is left behind.


So be renewed my Gothic Siren!

Be soothed in the storm of complexity

I alone understand your beauty bare.


I will narrow this finely nuanced sense of longing

Shed this body of stars

Flee from the brutal pursuits of rationalism

Fly Free.

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