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Sub + Sea + Sky


Buoyant views the sea from below, above and beyond; immersing the viewer in the sensation of connection and personal relationship with the sea; both its dark and light aspects.


The exhibition explores the urge to belong and intertwine with the oceanside, to marvel at its patterns and shadows between waterline and sky or between ocean floor and sea surface.
The exhibition explores human connection with the ocean; the feeling of water, the light on skin through liquid, its dark velvety touch, its sensuality, the way in which the submerged world transforms and calms.


Directly influenced by the coastline all along Western Australia, the interpretations are drawn from a relationship to the sea in this lyrical exhibition.


"The ocean for me is a place of re-generation. It is alive and full of life. That moment of submersion is a re-birth, the time below the surface, a place of in-between-ness, when the very act of holding breath places you in a suspended limbo that only death or re-surfacing can release you from.


Weightless, floating, or diving deep, I am aware of my insignificance in the vastness of the ocean around me, I feel nurtured in molecular richness and am transformed every time I dive down.....surfacing cleansed, cool and centred each time" Kelsey Ashe, 2019.

Buoyant was a joint exhibition with Kirsty Watkins at Kidogo Art House in Fremantle.

From Top:

Kelsey Ashe, 2018. The Dream Series II. Film Stills printed on Cotton paper.

Below: Painting and Photographs by Kelsey Ashe for Buoyant on Instagram. Click on image for information.

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