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Wam Wardanup; Strangers on the Shore Perth Festival 2022 'Wardan'

Sandra Harben, Kelsey Ashe, 2022. 'Wam Wardanup doyntj doyntj koorliny' (Strangers on the Shore going along together). Large Scale Screen Print 920cm x 204cm and Audio Installation on Loop.

An artwork in multiple parts; poetry, image, story and sound, which reflects an ongoing dialogue between koorta (friends) about the nature of place, time and belonging. The everlasting quality of the ocean stretches into the past and the future, infinite and eternal. 'Wam Wardanup' – Strangers on the Shore - invites you to sit quietly and consider, doyntj doyntj koorliny – (going along together) and danjoo koorliny (walking together), with koorndarn – (respect) wer nih (and listening), with mutual acknowledgement and sharing of stories.


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