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Artists Statement

As an Artist, you are always refining, updating or re-thinking through your ideas and this alters your Artists Statement for each project. It evolves slowly but surely into something recognizable...I've written a new one for this site and feeling very excited about what it might morph into next...maybe I'll start making.....sculpture! Who knows...I am but a humble servant of the creative channel...For now this is my statement...

Kelsey Ashe is a contemporary artist and author, who has developed a signature aesthetic and prose that draws from themes hidden, mysterious, esoteric and surreal. Kelsey Ashe has a Doctorate in Philosophy (PhD Art) which directs a depth of knowledge into her contemplative works, delving into allegorical, historical and mythological narratives that are often emphatically feminine. Exploring the symbology of cultures, both ancient and modern, local and global, Ashe seeks resonances from previous era’s, sensing traces of stories or beliefs from place, to perceive perceptions or concerns for contemporary culture. Ashe’s practice-led research has traversed print and illustration, textiles and cloth, photography and film, performance and painting, with each new idea finding its unique expression of form.

"My creative works are responses to stories or mythologies that intrigue me…usually because of a hidden, esoteric element and often with a historical/contemporary or East/West dichotomy. For example the constructed Exotic; where multiple layers of myth, story and culture have dwelled in one landscape or place, transitioning and interacting over time, has been a central concern. I am drawn to human expressions of the universal mysteries in graphic forms and patterns, favouring semiotic readings over literal or formal ones. The mystery of life on both a cosmic and human scale delights and fascinates me and my practice-led production follows this intrigue at will…" (Kelsey Ashe, 2019)

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