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Venus Disrupted I to XIV

Venus Disrupted I to XIV

Venus Disrupted I to XIV, 2022.  

Screen Print on Canvas, mounted on Board.

500cm x 400cm x 4cm

Exhibitred as part of Divergent Terrain, Old Customs House

(Artsource) Fremantle, 2022.


Venus Disrupted I to XIV imagines an ‘Everywhen’ of the

artist Kelsey Ashe’s lived and imagined Ancestral

territories. It is a dreamscape where multiple places

exist at once, and the future and the past sit side by side.

Recognisable landforms from Tasmania, Polynesia,

Scotland and the Faroe Islands can be found in this

terrain and Venus is observed in her eternal loop across

the horizon.

Rocky caves appear to grow seaweed, so perhaps too,

we are underwater, as well as above. That this

landscape should be ‘disrupted’, ‘broken up’ and ‘sold

off’ is metaphorical of our modern day society which

dissects land, sets boundaries and claims territories in a

form of ownership we cannot seem to escape.

Artist Kelsey Ashe draws landscape images directly onto

Wax Coated Etching sheets. These drawings are then

turned into Silk Screen Stencils and hand-printed onto

raw canvas with Botanical Inks made from the ancient

and resilient dyes of Indigo and Myrolaban.

Ashe has developed contemporary forms of Japanese

Textile printing techniques that use various resins, waxes,

and inks to build up the large scale image. Each print

has individual ‘decalcomania’ marks that are part of the

process of working with natural dyes and print.

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