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Leda and the Swan (Folded) Origami Scroll

Leda and the Swan (Folded) Origami Scroll

Art Work: 'Leda and the Swan'

Screen Printed Linen in Indigo, Henna, Katazome Paste.  300cm x 70cm.

Acquired by the Janet Holmes a Court Collection.

'Leda and the Swan' comes from a series of 4 Screen-Printed Scrolls printed in the Japanese 'kakejiku', (hung scroll) method using traditional ‘katazome’ (rice paste) and natural dyes, made by the artist.  Each scroll is subtly different as areas of dye, gum and resins subtly bleed.  


The prints can be exhibited as ‘kakejuki’ or in a contemporary format of geometric origami folded ‘emakimono’ (narrative hand scroll).  The artist studied how Japanese Aesthetics have influenced Australian Landscape depictions in contemporary art during her PhD Art (2018). 

The layering of printed motifs mixed with the dimensions created through ‘origami’ folding of the scroll, alludes to the multi-dimensional and layered history of the site of the Derbal Yerrigan (Swan River).

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