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The Deep Green Sea (Artist Exhibition Edition) Illustrated Novella

The Deep Green Sea (Artist Exhibition Edition) Illustrated Novella

For a limited time only....'The Deep Green Sea' Artists Exhibition Edition, an 'objets d'art'; a very special small, highly ornamental imprint, of the tale behind the Exhibition....


A story of a Faraway place, an Adventure, a Spiritual Awakening, a Surrealist Novella based in the deep Southern Antipodes...


244 pages, 23,000 words. Hard cover, 50 Original Black & White Illustrations by Kelsey Ashe throughout.  Stamped and signed.


Please Note:  Delivery is in November 2024


Reviews of the Deep Green Sea

“Surreal and magical.  Your book pulls me in and out of the present and I fall into your drawings as if I am inside the dream. Your words flow like water or a steady beating drum. And all Colour evaporates, it’s just ‘Chiaroscuro’, contrasting light and shadows. It’s like being asleep and being woken with a phrase or command that suddenly causes you to remember…. Everything! It’s beautiful”

Kate Cebrano AM

Australian Singer/Songwriter


#Metaphysics #Fairytale #Fantasy #Poetry #Hermeticism  #SpiritualJourney #Folktale #Otherworldly #Surreal #IllustratedBook

    Shipping Late November 2024
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